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robotic prostate surgery


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Robotic Prostatectomy


Robotic Prostatectomy


Robotic Prostatectomy


Robotic Prostatectomy


robotic prostate surgery


prostate cancer surgery

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Minimally-Invasive Robotic Prostate Surgery

Most experienced robotic urologist in Miami.

Most experienced robotic urologist in Miami, Florida. The most ecperienced robotic prostatectomy surgeon.


Robotic Prostate Surgery, c�ncer de pr�stata, rob�tico de la cirug�a

It is not only about prostate cancer removal it is also about maintaining the quality of life afterwards. "Maintaining urinary continence and erectile function" is what we excel in. Dr. Razdan leads all other South Florida Surgeons in the number of Robotic Prostatectomies performed as well as outcomes with respect to cancer control, erectile function and urinary continence. With over 3100 satisfied patients, we have the testimonials to back our claims. WHEN IT COMES TO PROSTATE CANCER, EXPERIENCE COUNTS!

"Using the da Vinci robot system, I am able to perform a minimally-invasive robotic prostatectomy on patients with prostate cancer in less than 1 hour and my patients experience minimal or no blood loss. As a result patients are able to leave the hospital in 12 hours and only require a catheter for five days. In addition, patients experience a quicker return to normal activity, earlier return to sexual activity and excellent urinary control, which is why we are excited to provide this advanced option to patients. Browse our website to learn more about the da Vinci robotic prostate surgery for prostate cancer and contact us for even more information."

Please browse our website and check the patient testimonials to learn more about the stellar work being done at the ONLY INSTITUTE in South Florida dedicated exclusively to prostate cancer treatment.

Sanjay Razdan, M.D.,MCh.
Professor and Chairman,
International Robotic Prostatectomy Institute
Director, Urology Center  of Excellence
Director, Endourology, Robotic Fellowship Program
Jackson South Hospital, Miami, FL.


"Urinary control and erections with the da Vinci Robotic Prostate Surgery are MUCH BETTER than with conventional Laparoscopic radical prostate surgery (laprp)"

Revolutionary Procedure
Developed by Dr. Razdan

First Time in the World!

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Revolutionary Procedure

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Our patient's comfort and recovery
are our top priority

  • Shorter hospital stay

  • Minimal pain

  • Less risk of infection

  • No blood transfusions

  • Less scarring

  • Faster recovery

  • Quicker return to normal activities

  • Excellent Urinary Control

  • Excellent Erections

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