Sanjay Razdan, M.D.,MCh.

International Robotic Prostatectomy Institute


Minimally invasive Robotic Prostate Surgery

when it comes to prostate cancer,experience counts

Over 5000 Procedures And Counting...

Amniotic Membrane

Revolutionary Procedure Developed by Dr. Razdan


Helps Achieve “Earlier” Return of Sexual Function & Urinary Control!

“The world’s first prospective randomized study using Human Amniotic Membrane in post robotic radical prostatectomy patients was successfully completed at the International Robotic Prostatectomy Institute in Miami, Florida with the last patient enrolled in November, 2013.”

Since the original study in 2012-2013 Dr. Razdan has performed over 500 amniotic membrane placements. He is the FIRST SURGEON IN THE WORLD TO PIONEER AND USE Human Amniotic Membrane in patients with prostate cancer undergoing robotic prostate surgery and is the WORLD’s LEADER when it comes to this surgical technique.

His research has led to significantly improved results in terms of early return of erectile function, sometimes within days after robotic prostate removal. Dr. Razdan was awarded the FIRST PRIZE for his original research on use of HUMAN AMNIOTIC MEMBRANE in robotic prostate surgery at the World Congress of Endourology and Robotic Surgery in Taiwan in 2014.

Dr. Razdan’s Robotic Prostate Surgery is truly unique, especially his technique of MAXIMAL URETHRAL LENGTH PRESERVATION (MULP), which has resulted in the majority of his patients having full urinary control almost immediately after catheter removal. This, combined with his novel technique of nerve preservation and use of human amniotic membrane, has resulted in EXCELLENT OUTCOMES IN TERMS OF PRESERVATION OF URINARY CONTINENCE AND ERECTILE FUNCTION.